“One of the most critical features of mobile health clinics is their ability to build trust with the community and link clinical and community settings”

The American Journal of Accountable Care, 2015

Build Your Health & Wellness Program

Get expert advice and execution to construct your mobile clinics based on your vision. We help with operational logistics, strategy, and scheduling, so your mobile healthcare services and programs achieve their objectives.

Health and Sanitation

Reliable HVAC 

Maintain staff and patient comfort with dependable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for a comfortable setting, no matter the climate.

Whole-Bus Sanitation

Our motorcoach is sanitized at regular intervals, and interiors are treated with Vital Oxide using a commercial-grade fogging system, allowing for complete coverage throughout the cabin.

icon-Air Filtration-icon-02-v3
Air Filtration

Our motorcoaches prevent dust and allergens with MERV filtration media for typical dust and allergens filtration by utilizing a patent-protected PuraWard Antimicrobial Fiber Layer (PWF), which kills 99.95% of viruses by using a copper and silver ion property.

Electrical Outlets

Staff can use the ample 110-volt electricity supply outlets to access crucial medical software and equipment throughout the motorcoach and site.

Operational Efficiencies

Commercial WiFi

Ensure staff are connected to required devices and technology in even the most rural locations utilizing our onboard, reliable, proven, and trusted custom-developed mobile WiFi system.

Custom-Developed Buildout

We will tailor any vehicle to fit your exact needs, whether you need fixed equipment and cabinetry, or specific utility systems like electricity, water, or wet waste, even in the most rural and remote areas.

Operational & Logistics Planning

Our dedicated mobile clinic operations team coordinates parking logistics and the set up/take down of tents or canopies as needed.

Ample Storage Space

Eliminate the need to pack and unpack your healthcare sites. Store and organize your equipment; everything needed can be stored and organized on the vehicle in over 600+ cubic feet of storage space.

Vehicle Dispatching

Let us plan how your mobile clinic gets where you need it to go. Real-time traffic information, GPS portals for viewing your mobile clinic’s exact location, and federally compliant driver logging are a part of our solution.

Vehicle Branding

Increase brand awareness with a custom graphic vehicle wrap - serving as a mobile mural for your personal messaging.


Customized Design & Tailored Programs

We can analyze your demand and solution programs to meet your goals, whether you’re providing mobile clinics and outreach services across the country, serving people in need during natural disasters, or offering healthcare services to rural or underserved communities. Our team of professionals understands the ins and outs of outfitting clinics and creating transportation programs with successful results to quickly get help to those in need.

Mobile Health & Wellness Solutions℠ for Every Industry

Reach out to our team of experts to start the process of receiving mobile health solutioning and outreach management services to advance health equity, create opportunities for greater access to healthcare, and encourage overall well-being.

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