“One of the most critical features of mobile health clinics is their ability to build trust with the community and link clinical and community settings”

The American Journal of Accountable Care, 2015

Innovative, Equitable Healthcare Delivery

BusTest Express℠ is a Mobile Health & Wellness Solutions services provider offering rentable, custom-outfitted mobile healthcare clinics and full-service operations management to quickly arrange, coordinate, and provide health and wellness outreach, including wrap-around services, across the US. increasing healthcare access to those who need it most.

Mobile clinic programs offer cost-saving advantages to healthcare systems through early initiation of patient treatment, enhancing patients’ ability to self-manage their conditions, reducing emergency room visits and hospital admissions, and improving quality of life.


Work with our expert staff to design and customize your mobile clinics and healthcare outreach programs to meet your organization’s objectives. We can help you with mobile delivery services for vaccines, testing, mental health, addiction, medication, and more.



Construct your mobile clinics based on your vision. Get expert advice and execution for operational logistics, strategy, and scheduling of your mobile healthcare services and programs to ensure you achieve your objectives.


Get your mobile clinics on the road quickly with the help of our management and logistics guidance to deliver healthcare services where and when your organization needs them most.


Partner with BusTest Express℠

Are you seeking a mobile healthcare delivery services partner with innovative, reliable solutions and field service expertise to meet your goals? Partner with BusTest Express℠ to overcome inadequacies in the healthcare system, increase health equity, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes.