The American Journal of Accountable Care, 2015

Revolutionize Care Delivery

You want to make a positive impact. To do that, you need a comprehensive plan. The problem is that most people don’t have mobile logistics expertise to properly construct such a plan.


BusTest Express® is proud to partner with community leaders from several industries to address and overcome health disparities. Plan, build, and deploy your mobile health and wellness fleet with an experienced partner in the industry and offer equitable healthcare solutions in your community.


See how BusTest Express can help you improve your community’s health:

Our Partners


BusTest Express works with our government departments and agencies to provide an innovative mobile healthcare delivery system and infrastructure that ensures equitable, timely, and appropriate access to healthcare, promotes healthy communities and behaviors, prevents the spread of disease, and prepares for and responds to emergencies.

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Healthcare Providers

BusTest Express takes care of the logistics to ensure your vision is fulfilled.

We’ll design and build your custom-outfitted mobile healthcare clinics, then our full-service operations management packages give you the freedom to provide the care your community needs.

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BusTest Express knows that students in any school represent a diverse community. Youth from low-income households and members of racial and ethnic minority groups are often at elevated risk of not having consistent healthcare.


Provide the next generation with the healthcare they need as they grow. Our mobile clinics can serve multiple locations every day to ensure the future of your community is healthy.

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Your workforce is likelier to do great work when they’re healthy, but sometimes, it’s difficult to leave work for healthcare appointments. Offer crucial and convenient physical and behavioral healthcare services to your employees, including testing, vaccinations, check-ups, and more, to keep them healthy on a day-to-day basis.


Better yet, partner with other local businesses to offer these services to more people who need them.

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Imagine a fleet of mobile clinics making your community healthier by the day, driving from one location to the next featuring your company’s logo.

Showcase your company’s values, build customer loyalty, and increase your organization’s community footprint through branded vehicles that change lives.

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We believe you deserve to have a partner you can trust to provide equitable access to healthcare and understand that it’s a big undertaking with a lot of details. That’s why BusTest Express is here to take care of the details for you.

Here’s how we do it:

Plan – Tell us what you need.

Build – We’ll collaborate to design and build a fleet that works for you.

Deploy – Get your fleet on the road and deliver equitable healthcare where it needs to go.

Partner with us today to change your community’s future.

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